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Each of our courses on offer is accompanied by detailed learning materials, datasets and certification.

Courses are designed with Learning Paths and are generally structured as follow:

  1. Introdcutory modules
  2. Technical learning content
  3. Interim comprehension tests after each learning module
  4. Final assignment(s)
  5. Short course survey
  6. Certification

Each Learner will be expected to complete a short knowledge test to establish competency against a completed learning module. A final assignment task is required at the end of the learning path. The assignment is reviewed and scored by your own personal "Course Coach" through this platform. You will receive individual feedback from your Course Coach and finally, Certification (after successful completion of a course).

The BIMWERX Academy courses are designed for Learners with varying skill levels (regarding each course topic):

Level 1 symbol Level 1 courses for basic- or no prior experience; 

Level 2 symbol Level 2 for intermediate experience and

Level 3 symbol Level 3 for more experienced Learners.

It is not a requirement to complete a lower-level course before attempting a higher one, although recommended.

Each course will have a detailed methodology and a friendly, easy-to-use instruction tutorial to make sure you understand what is required. You also have access to your Course Coach should you require some special assistance or guidance.

We offer high value and high quality training material, designed for:

  • Individual Learners
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Institutions
  • Companies

Individual Learners can register for the Academy, free of charge. Subscribe to our courses or contact if you would like to talk to us.

Educational institutions and Commercial Companies have the ability to register as "Course Coaches", thereby managing your Learners/ Teams through our platform and learning content. Make contact with us at to discuss these options.

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Prokon 3.1 Level 1 Prokon
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Infraworks 2020 Level 1 Autodesk Infraworks
1 Vote | 2832 Visits | Your vote [?]
Revit 2020 Level 1 Autodesk Revit
1 Vote | 2984 Visits | Your vote [?]
3 Votes | 3829 Visits | Your vote [?]
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 Level 1 Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
1 Vote | 2928 Visits | Your vote [?]
AutoCAD 2020 Level 1 Autodesk AutoCAD
1 Vote | 3551 Visits | Your vote [?]