BIM 101 is the first of three BIM courses available from this Academy and covers the basic concepts of BIM in a multi-disciplinary environment.

BIM is just as applicable in horisontal infrastructure as with vertical infrastructure, throughout the entire life-cycle of the project (Design, Construct, Operate).

The BIM 101 course is aligned with the BIM in NZ Handbook but also considers ISO 19650; and other international BIM standards.

Certificate sample:

Sample BIM 101 Certification

  1. Introduction
  2. Typical BIM Workflow
  3. Project BIM Brief
  4. BIM Execution Plan
  5. Legal Implications of BIM
  6. Design BEP
  7. Construction BEP
  8. AM/FM BEP
  9. ISO 19650

9 Modules are presented through interactive video presentation and practical demonstration.

Each module is followed by a short comprehension test which requires a minimum pass rate of 100%.

Users can complete a minimum of one module item at a time / per session; or all of them consecutively if desired.

An assignment at the end of the Learning Path is required to be completed and submitted for review by the Course Coach (75% minimum pass rate required). This is followed by a short course survey and finally, official certification.

Approximately 24 hours required (total sum of hours for course learning modules, tests and asessment) to complete this course.

Course material

Course materials will be made available from within the training modules.

This course makes use of the BIM in NZ Handbook, resources from BIM Forum; Masterspec and the ISO 19650.


The following resources are required:




Each module is followed by a short comprehension test (up to 5 questions max).

Learners are required to complete a final practical assessment at the end, after completing the Learning Path modules. The Assessment minimum pass rate is 75%.