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Available courses

1. Objectives

  • Navigate the User Interface
  • Set out Grid Layouts
  • Create Basic Model Elements
  • Manipulate Model Elements
  • Annotate the Project
  • Link Revit Models
  • Create Views and Sheets
  • Extract Model Data
  • Publish Models and Drawings

2. Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigate the UI
  3. Model Setup
  4. Loadable Families and System Families
  5. Create Basic Model Elements
  6. Annotate the Project
  7. Link Additional Models
  8. Create Views and Sheets
  9. Publish Drawings and Models

3. Methodology

9 Modules are covered over a total duration of 24 hours (total sum of course learning modules, excluding tests and assessment).

Each module is followed by a short comprehension test which requires a minimum pass rate of 100% and may be completed at home.

An assignment at the end of the Learning Path is required to be completed and submitted for review by the Course Coach (75% minimum pass rate required). This is followed by a short course survey and finally, official certification.

The full online course material and content from will be accessible by the enrollee for 1 year.

4. Course material

Course materials will be made available from within the training modules.

5. Resources

Autodesk Revit 2024 and a laptop will be required to attend this course (BYOD).

Free educational versions can be downloaded from the Autodesk website:

Fully functional Free trial versions can be downloaded here:

6. Assessment

Each module is followed by a short comprehension test (up to 5 questions max).

Learners are required to complete a final practical assessment at the end, after completing the Learning Path modules. The minimum pass rate for all tests and assessments is 75%.