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- Individual Learner or

- Educational Institution / Company


Individual Learners:

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At any point, contact us here to subscribe for a course or multiple courses - or to discuss Learning options with an industry expert.


Educational Institutions / Companies:

Schools / Colleges / Training Institutions / Universities / Companies can register on our platform as a “Course Coach”, that will give you the ability to assign and manage your own students through our platform.

Course Coaches will have the ability to monitor student learning progress, review / mark assignments and assign courses as (and when) required.

This option is billed annually and will cater for a set maximum number of students for a particular registrant. Courses included are negotiable and can be discussed when making contact with us.

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Online Learning and Learning Management

- BIM, AEC & Technology -

The BIMWERX Academy offers high quality training courses and training management solutions for Individual Learners, Educational Institutions and Companies.

Whether you are a Professional looking to expand your skillset or an Educational Institution looking for a learning management system with existing course content, then this is the space for you! We also offer packages for Companies who aim to upskill Digital Teams and to provide assessments for new Candidates.

We offer a collection of Autodesk, Prokon and BIMWERX courses that will extend your skillset and advance your career opportunities. Our courses are designed for users starting with no experience, all the way through to experienced users.

You may choose to subscribe to a single course or sign up for course bundles. Educational Institutions or Companies may register as “Course Coaches” and manage Learners through our platform and courses. Our courses contain comprehensive learning materials, step-by-step guides, support and certification.

BIMWERX is a trusted and recognised industry Leader in AEC Technologies and this Academy provides you with a gateway to this vast and valuable experience!

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COVID-19 Support


New Zealand School Students:

Our AutoCAD 2020 Level 1 Certification e-Learning Course is now free to all NZ School students during the lock-down period.

So don't get left behind, make use of this time to gain additional skills and knowledge!

Simply sign up over at the Academy registration and once your registration is approved, this course will be assigned to you. You will be requested to provide a student identity card to access this offer.



Why BIMWERX Academy?


In short:

  • We offer high quality, module-based learning with clearly defined learning outcomes
  • Courses developed by recognised industry experts
  • Training modules presented by a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer
  • Solutions for Individual Learners as well as Educational Institutions and Companies
  • Educational Institutions and Companies can manage their own Learners / Teams through this platform, using our courses and course materials (for both Trainers and Learners)
  • Flexible and very competitive rates for our courses


Our courses are structured to maximise your learning and to achieve learning outcomes. Each training module is followed by a short comprehension test that helps learners to establish competency against each module before continuing onto the next module.

Course training modules are facilitator-led through interactive videos and exercises, followed by a practical assignment that is reviewed by your very own Course Coach. Each course will provide the Learner with a certificate on successful completion.

Overview of Typical Workflows

Quick Platform Overview

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AutoCAD 2020 Level 1 Autodesk AutoCAD
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Prokon 3.1 Level 1 Prokon
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Revit 2020 Level 1 Autodesk Revit
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Infraworks 2020 Level 1 Autodesk Infraworks
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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 Level 1 Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
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